Love and Hate Crime S01E03 Killer with a Camera

This film goes inside the mind of a murderer using the video footage he shot during the planning and execution of his crime, and his intimate journal, along with access to the court case that must decide whether to accept his insanity plea.

When coastguard officer Adrian Loya breaks into the Cape Cod apartment of married couple Lisa and Anna Trubnikova and opens fire, it is the culmination of many months planning. With Lisa dead, Anna badly wounded and a policeman shot, Loya is taken into custody. Police find he is wearing a video camera to record his actions and also find videos made over many months when he was planning of the attack. There is also a journal charting his obsession with and hate for Lisa and the twisted thought process that lead to his decision to kill.

Using his videos and journal, this film goes inside the mind of a man as he decides to carry out a multiple shooting, and it watches the trial as the jury tries to decide whether the obsessive, meticulous Loya should have his insanity plea to be accepted.