A man charged in a violent murder on Route 3A faced a judge in Plymouth District Court.

Judge James Sullivan ordered 47-year-old Allen Warner of Rockland to be held without bail pending a mental health evaluation.

Warner is charged with the  murder of his estranged wife, 48-year-old Shana Warner of Marshfield. Prosecutors allege Allen Warner shot, stabbed, and ran her over.

Shana Warner called 911 Monday saying she was being chased by her ex-husband — who police allege was Allen Warner. Assistant District Attorney Jessica Elumba says police found her with multiple stab wounds and a gunshot wound, she later died at the hospital.

A not guilty plea was entered on his behalf at Plymouth District Court. Allen Warner’s attorney, Drew Segadelli, requested a competency evaluation for his client. Doctor Dan Richard says he met with Warner, who appeared to be falling asleep. He ruled Warner had impaired mental status. Judge James Sullivan ordered Warner be committed to Bridgewater State Hospital for 20 days for evaluation.

“I don’t know what to say other than he’s purely evil. He just committed an extreme, atrocious act of domestic violence,” said Marshfield Police Chief Phil Tavares. “It just illustrates, why next month is domestic violence awareness nationally, to bring light to these issues. This is just a horrible, horrible case.”

Outside of court, Segadelli questioned evidence in the case.

“I surely wasn’t there. What I would suggest is a full and fair investigation needs to be zealously done to connect my fellow to these acts the District Attorney is alleging he did,” said Segadelli. “No witness attaches him to it, there’s no evidence attaching him to it. There’s no blood at the scene. There’s nothing other than a 911 tape saying ‘my ex-husband is with me,’ and some screaming. But there was no other identification. I’ll let that to be seen, obviously I wasn’t there.”

Plymouth County District Attorney Tim Cruz was asked about Segadelli’s comments.

“We won’t be trying the case here today. Drew is a very good lawyer, but we’re going to make sure we deal with all the facts like we always do. I’m confident we have the right person,” said Cruz.

A status hearing was scheduled for October 15 at Plymouth District Court.